Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Photo World Asia 2009 Black + Red Photo Contest

Part of the activities of the Photo World Asia 2009 is the daily photo contest. I joined the Black + Red photo contest which was held last Feb. 2. Luckily one of my photo entry bags the first place!

Here are my other entries:


mayee said...

I just like to ask if you are from Quezon Province.. I am always looking for any camera club in Quezon, which I could join in though I am based here in Manila.

By the way, nice shots..it captured my attention especially that affixed in your name is the "Quezon Province".

Ning Li said...

naks! may FANS Club ka na sir rod ^_^

Rod said...

Hi Mayee,

Yup I’m from Quezon province. But I am working now here in Manila. I know a lot of Quezonian interested in photography but I do not know any photography club base in Quezon. I’m also interested in joining camera club base in Quezon if there is any since I spend my weekends in Lucena :)

mayee said...

Hi again..I am also working here in Manila..i am only a newbie and i really want to improve the craft..hope there is a club in quezon..it is better to be with kabayans..and i really wanna join..

Rod said...

Hi mayee,

Currently I do not know any camera club based in Quezon province. I am also looking for camera club there before. I will inform you incase some of photography hobbyist that I know from Quezon already form a camera club or if you know other photography hobbyist there we can start a camera club.

Enjoy photography!

Hotrod said...

heres an invitation link.. http://shooterkada.ning.com/?xgi=33iVsng maybe you can help me set up an Online photo club for quezon